This is Where Investor Starts: Netpick ETF to Highest Profit

An individual investor usually does trading for the sole purpose of getting the profit, to a point that most of them neglect the trading portfolio. Trading portfolio is very valuable for maximizing the expected return, and at the same time, minimizing the risk. It is usually utilized for ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) which is a type of fund that owns the underlying assets and divides ownership of those assets into shares. In simpler words, ETF Investing means that the shareholders do not have a direct claim to the underlying investment in the fund; rather, they indirectly own the assets.


There are several benefits investor can earn from ETF Trading:

  1. Compared to mutual fund shares, ETF’s daily liquidity is higher and it has a lower
  2. Since they indirectly own the assets, ETF shareholders are entitled to a proportion of the profits (e.g: interest, dividends paid, residual value).
  3. The momentary arbitrage opportunities keep ETF price close to its fair value.
  4. The investor gets the diversification of index fund.
  5. The investor also gets the ability to sell short and by on margin.

Netpick will help every individual investor to reach those benefits through their Netpicks ETF Investor Service.

For so long people always believe that trading is such a high-risk, high-return activity when in fact, even for professional trader, it’s not rare to spend high fees for low return. Then there is ETF that will help investors avoiding that most undesired result. As noted, Exchange Traded Funds Investing relies on your portfolio, and here is where Netpick comes into the picture to teach you how to manage them at the utmost low cost with the promise of ‘No Upfront Costs. No Monthly Expenses. No Obligations’.

Investors and traders usually hire a ‘professional’ to manage their portfolio. However, it has been proven that even with those hundreds of millions spent every year on management fee bears returns that do nothing to secure financial future. “What’s the point of paying these high fees if it never amounted to a benefit,” is what Mr. Mark Soberman, the founder of Netpick asked himself regarding the matter. And thus he started a research to find the answer and found out that there is simply no clear advantage to active management—it only slowly but surely guarantees subpar performance.

The shocking result makes Netpick determines to establish NetPick ETF Investor. Netpick itself has been established since 1996. For 22 years, the main goal of Netpick remains to empower and support investors and traders to become consistently profitable traders and, subsequently, financially independent. Using Netpick ETF Investor program, Netpick strives to teach individual investors to personally manage their own long-term portfolio so that there is no more wasted money on management.

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