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Cumming, Georgia – As stated on, Cumming begins the year 2018 with 57 DUI arrests. Although it is considerably less than the 63 arrests back in December 2017, the numbers are considerably high. Not every case involves drunk-driving since several can be accounted for medicinal influence. Either way, the Police, along with the local Courts, strictly do their work to uphold the DUI law, that driving under influence is prohibited and warrant an arrest. As for lawyers and attorneys, they can be relied on to bail the offender for the chance of a better future.

We do know that American uphold Law and Justice very seriously. It can be accounted to the gigantic statue of Liberty and the numbers of lawyer and attorney in the whole nation—lawyer and attorney’s services are always in high demand either for defense or offense. In Cumming and Forsyth County, Patterson Moore Butler is a local law firm specializing in client-focused solutions for Criminal Law, Family Law, Wills/Probate, Parent Coordination, Employment Law, and Business/Civil.

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Speaking about DUI Lawyer Cumming have, Patterson Moore Butler Firm is the one we need to go to. The firm is founded in 2015 by an experienced group of attorneys: Jennifer Patterson, Tracy Ann Moore, and Logan Butler. Ever since its formation, the attorneys of Patterson Moore Butler—which include the three founders and Ms. Ashleigh Wagner—has dedicated the firm to focus its attention on each client. Using their combined 45 years of experiences in the legal field, they work with the client in developing a plan to address their best interests and goals.

The firm provides the best DUI defense in Forsyth County as they utilize a variety of field sobriety, blood, and breath test experts along with their years of experience to develop a focused defense strategy for each client’s case. For these, Avvo, one of the leading lawyer marketing websites, rates the Firm as ‘Top Attorney DUI & DWI’, ‘Top Attorney Employment’, and ‘Top Attorney Criminal Defense’. The firm also holds Avvo’s ‘Client’s Choice 2012’ for Divorce and has been officially recognized as ‘Featured Attorney Divorce’.

Indeed, Patterson Moore Butler Firm is not only known as DUI Lawyer in Forsyth County but also as Divorce Lawyer in Cumming and Divorce Lawyer in Forsyth County. As former prosecutors, Patterson Moore Butler’s attorneys understand the best route to win domestic violence dispute for either defense or offense case.

Additionally, while Patterson Moore Butler is known best for handling dispute case, they are in fact also exceptional in handling Will/Probate case and has taken a role as a business lawyer in Forsyth County that any businessman should contact.

Former clients regard the service of Patterson Moore Butler Firm very highly. As the members of the firm are very thorough with their work, Patterson Moore Butler’s lawyers don’t stop at bailing the defense client, but they also help to guide them on the better path. One of the family members of criminal defense client once write to Mr. Butler, citing that the family member wishes to “say thank you for what you’ve done with M, he has made it to rehab under his own will, not sure how you accomplished this but I wanted to say thank you from all of us, including M, for everything you’ve done.” Another one in particular thanks Ms. Moore for helping their divorce case that proceeds beyond expectation. Citing their testimonies, they state that “hiring Tracy as my attorney was a great choice and if I had to do it over again I would use her again.”

If you are interested in hiring Patterson Moore Butler’s service, check out for more detailed information or contact them at (770) 889-0846. Their address is at 213 Kelly Mill Road Cumming, Georgia 30040.