South Koreans, Place Your Bets!

People’s hobby varies from person to person. Some people enjoy reading books, listening to music, or traveling to exotic locales halfway across the globe. And there are also those who consider gambling and betting to be their hobby. Yes, when they take gambling as a pastime, it’s no longer about money and prizes anymore, but more into the thrill and risk. The thought of hitting a jackpot can be too alluring to pass, regardless of the low-probability. It rushes adrenaline and the overall sensation can keep the players coming back for more.

Now, each country has its own rules about gambling, that ultimately boils down to whether it’s legal or not. If you live in, say, the United States, then it’s all legal and good. However, if you live in South Korea, you can even be arrested if caught on gambling. Indeed, South Korea is quite strict in enforcing their law concerning gambling or participating in games of skill. The only legal gamble sites in South Korea are those that are backed by the government—like, for example, 토토사이트, which is a licensed sports lottery site in South Korea. The rest? Every and each of them is prohibited, not to mention that the law doesn’t apply to the house only, but also for the patrons as well.

There is a fact that even though there is a legal gambling site, private gambling sites are starting to thrive and finding their footing in South Korea. And truth be told, it can be increasingly boring just betting for a sports team. So, for the sake of adding varieties, some sites make mini-games to spice things up. Now, it’s important to keep this strict government regulation in mind should you choose to participate in a legal gambling: any player is required to use their real name and they can only bet a maximum of one million won on each game, not to mention all of their winnings are tax-deductible. Therefore players are looking for another opportunity, and unfortunately, the opportunity lies in illegal gambling.

Since illegal gambling is not only prohibited but also punishable in South Korea, gambler goes to private toto sites for some excitement and extra money. Unfortunately, as private toto sites begin to rise in popularity, scams also start to pop up and ready to cheat the money out of their customers. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing your betting site. Playing in such site, you do not also risk being caught, but also risk losing millions.

If you need some safe betting site recommendation, then visit 사설토토. The site makes a review about how illegal toto site works and which sites you can safely try placing your bet on. However, the path towards safe betting sites is through recommendation. The referral system will benefit both the player and the house for it allows the house to save some marketing money and that the player will receive a sizeable amount of bonus points.

Another alternative, South Koreans can visit the betting site from another country using VPN. Not only that the site is legal in their original country (or at least no binding law saying it is prohibited), the VPN will make sure your IP address is hidden. Also, please make sure you understand the risk you are getting into by doing this. Although, once again, as we mentioned in the start, the predominant reason players actively seeking such activity is motivated by the search of a thrill.