Don’t Let HIV Hold Back Your Love

HIV has become a nightmare for the community since the day it’s discovered in 1981. Normally, when human gets infected by disease or virus, their immune system will automatically fight it. However, the case with HIV is that the virus attacks the very immune system itself, specifically immune cells such as CD4+ T-cell, macrophages, and dendritic cell. Thus it becomes the predominant cause of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Eventually, this virus destroys many cells that human’s body becomes incapable of fighting diseases and infections from the immune failing.

The infection spreads through blood, pre-ejaculate semen, and vaginal fluids. Thus it doesn’t only spread through unprotected sex, but also can be passed down from mother to infant from the exposure to the mother’s blood during pregnancy, vaginal fluids during childbirth, or breast milk. The scarier part is that the mothers can be unaware that they have passed down such incurable disease to their beloved child. Surely no mother in the world would want such misfortune to befall their children. So there is only one way to protect them, which is to prevent HIV to spread in the first place.

Have you ever heard of side effects of Prep? PrEP is short for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. It is an HIV prevention strategy where HIV-negative individuals take anti-HIV medications before coming into contact with HIV to reduce their risk of becoming infected. This medication is meant for HIV-negative people and those who are at risk for HIV infection—and the truth is HIV can unexpectedly come from anywhere in any situation. Together with the practice of using a condom during sex, you are recommended to take PrEP. Bear in mind that you should consult your doctor first and get a recommendation from them before doing a purchase to avoid any medication rejection.

Also, no, it is not meant to be taken as some sort of morning-after pill or pregnancy prevention pill!

Well, then, how does PrEP work? How effective is PrEP? This medication needs to be taken daily for between 4-7 days to reach its protective levels in the blood and rectum. Meanwhile for a woman, since it takes longer for the protective levels to be reached in the vagina and cervix, they are recommended to take PrEP on a daily basis for three weeks to be effective. As for the side effects of PrEP, at most, it will only cause nausea, which generally subsides over time. Most people who get nauseous after the first consumption stop for some time, but once they take it again, there is no problem.

Once again, we can’t emphasize this enough: it’s absolutely important to consult your doctor before making a purchase to avoid undesirable side effects!

PrEP is available at drugstore using doctor’s prescription. However, you can also order PrEP such as Truvada tablet at PrEP Online (  Usually, PrEP will cost about $1,300 per month, yet if you can get the generic one, it is only around $40-60. At PrEP online, though, they sell RICOVIR-EM for $55/month and TENO-EM for $42.

Do not stall your time any longer to get PrEP at PrEP Online. This life-changing medication will not let HIV holds you back from your loved one. Spread the word, do your part in preventing HIV, and stop it from spreading!